This Is the way I live now, Love Allah and Rasulullah

Friday, May 28, 2010

Until now, I can't made a conclusion about this situation that happening to me. I just want to do it without any question in my head because I believe Allah and that's enough for me. Everything about other thing I can only do the best I can do, no more no less and anything will comes up as the result is it doesn't matter because I already do the best I can.

I love Allah I love Rasulullah, that's not only the title of this blog but that's what I feel until now and I hope that will never change until the end of my life. probably my friend asking question about the way I live now, why is so different from few years ago, is there something wrong, why do you want to suffering like this?

I feel sorry for them because I know that Allah want us always to remembering Allah and follow what Muhammad Rasulullah already teach to us and that is the way of my life now.

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