I curse you Evil Israel that you all will be nothing

Monday, May 31, 2010

What a disaster when Israel attack the Mer-C on the ship when they want to go to Palestine to supply food, water or anything to help the people on Palestine, but what happen next is the Evil Israel attack that ship and cost a lot of people suffering. from I love Allah I love Rasulullah, I myself pray that hope the Israel will be lost in this battle and they will be afraid to see us, Muslim in this world.

I pray when they young man from Palestine throwing the rock against the Israel Tank, that rock will crush them until they afraid to face it, they will be run when they see us, the Muslim in front of them. I pray that the evil Israel will be nothing because they are nothing and nothing they can do to harm us, Muslim because we know that Allah will help us, will protect us and will bring victory to us.

we don't need United Nations to help us, we don't need America with Obama to help us, we don't need them to help us, all we need is Allah to help us, and I believe it. Amin.

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