Allah will always listen to me

Monday, May 3, 2010

sama like the other last posting, I don't add an Islamic Wallpapers or something like that, but I'll just want to write on I love Allah I love Rasulullah. I want to pray and begging to Allah so perhaps Allah will listen to my sorrow right now.

I know I'm not the best or even worst, I'm only an ordinary man who always make mistake is his life and again and again, even I don't know when I can stop make any mistaken. I'm the one who always make Allah disappoint and there is nothing I can proud with myself. But I believe Allah "Maha Pengasih, Maha Penyayang" and I know Allah will always listen to me.

as a Muslim, I'll try to face and run this life the way I thought in Islam, and I can't blame anyone because for my suffering right now but once again, I believe Allah will always forgive me. When I face the dead end, I don't know to whom I can ask for help. Friends, family, or even my parents can help me because they probably have the same position almost like me, mean while I have to fill all the obligation but less than four days I have to complete everything which is pay every bill that I have to pay. But until know I don't know where do I have to find it. Should I run away from all of it?

Ya Allah, please show me the way, give me an opportunity to raise again, help me to stand on my own feet. I know You listen to me and I know You understand what is my condition right now. I really need Your help, Ya Allah! Please Help Me in anyway You can help me. I don't have anything else beside my last hope to You, ya Allah.

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