Islam is my religion and I'm proud of that

Friday, May 21, 2010

Islam Agamaku, Islam is my religion

No matter what everybody said about Islam, I still love Islam, because I love Allah I love Rasulullah and Islam is my relegion, Islam Agamaku. for someone who doesn't know Islam maybe they will think that Islam is bad and anything else, but that's okay because they doesn't know Islam well.

even people who claim that they are Muslim still much of them doesn't understand what is Islam truly and we can see that from that behavior everyday, every times. if they claim that Islam is they religion, I believe they would be follow everything that Allah gave to us and there would be no violence and war in this world. but still Islam is my religion and I'm proud of it.

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Anonymous January 24, 2012 at 12:57 PM  

Mashallah, that's well said. Great. I just want to make sure: Are you allowed in Islam to be proud? But may Allah swt. reward you well for your effort. May Allah grant you peace, make you a rightous, pious and a truthful believer and may Allah grant you Jannah, inshallah. I'm making this du'ah for you, your parents and siblings, my parents and siblings, and every other believing person on earth. If that person has lived, are living or are going to live. Inshallah

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