Allah, You are the only God I have

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bismillah, today I love Allah I love Rasulullah will tell the way I feel after what happening few weeks ago when I make my parent disappoint and I can't hide my guilty feeling until today. I don't blame anyone because of this situation, what I know is I can't complete my obligation to my parent so they very disappoint at me.

When you become someone who many people rely on you, you have to be ready to feel that you already disappoint so many people who trusted you and today I know that feeling. I hope I can make it better because is hard to get a second chance when you already make people disappoint.

Only Allah who can help me with this and with all my life, my heart, I believe Allah will help me through this situation and solve this problem and in the end I will be very grateful to Allah who already gave me a many chance to fix my mistaken. Please Allah, don't make me disappoint like I did to many people, because You are the only God I have and I will always believe You until the end of this life, insya Allah.

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