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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Islam is My Way

Islam is My Way this is the Wallpaper Islami title and that's not only title but it's also remain me of the way of me which is Islam. as a Muslim I really believe that Allah will never make us suffer because Allah is Maha Adil, Maha Besar and Maha Penyayang. Everything that we have been doing all this time will be count and we must accept the truth that in the end everything what we doing is become our responsible not someone else but our self. no matter is good or bad, everything has return for it. so Islam is My Way who always teach me and guide me to do the good thing, help people and share a positive thinking and opinion to everyone and Islam is the answer of every problem in this world. I love Allah I love Rasulullah will continue to write this to let the world know that Islam is Rahmatan lil Alamin.

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