Do the best can do only for Allah and because of Allah

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Subhanallah, with all this situation that Allah gave to me, that's make me think and learn that me is nothing compare to Allah, Allah Maha Besar, Allah is The Greatest, and me? I'm just nothing, the one who can't do anything without permission from Allah. and what can I do, and what should I do? that's the question always come inside my mind. and the answer is, I have to getting close to Allah with Sholat, Dzikir and anything I can do to make Allah pleased and Insya Allah, Allah will pay all of our "work" with the best thing that Allah will give to us and don't worry about you will loose or something wont make benefit for you, because Allah always want us to comeback to Allah way not the others.

Subhanallah, hope Allah will bless all of us and help us all the times as long as we remember to Allah. Amin. I love Allah I love Rasulullah always try to remember do the best can do only for Allah and because of Allah.

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